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Release: 24-04-2013

List of new features and major fixes for this release:
  • DNT header

DNT header

As AdOcean is focused on helping you get the most out of your advertising space and optimize campaign efficiency, we are going to give you the possibility to decide whether to respect the DNT (Do Not Track) http header or not.

The Do Not Track (DNT) HTTP header field requests that a web application disables its cross-site tracking of an individual internet user. This is achieved in our system by not setting any cookies in browsers, which send such header.

The AdOcean system uses cookies to provide some of its functionality like frequency cappings, retargetings and cluster targetings. This means that when DNT is respected, campaigns using such settings will not be delivered to users who send DNT headers.

Because of this, as of 24th April, 2013 a new user setting will be available for all administration accounts and full administration aliases. Please remember that this setting will influence the whole account and not only your own alias.

This option can be found in the ADMINISTRATION / GENERAL / ACCOUNT SETTINGS tab of the interface.

Figure 1:DNT setting


The "do not respect DNT" setting allows the emitter to set cookies in browsers, even if the DNT header has been sent.

DNT policy may fall under special, local regulations in a particular country or region, so please make sure that changing the default state is allowed.