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Release: 15-01-2020

List of new features and major fixes for this release:
  • Default emitter domain for Live Preview
  • SDK Swipe template
  • API changes

Default emitter domain for Live Preview

Recently we have introduced a new feature: multiple emitter domain aliases, which allows to assign different alternative domains to different publishers under one main account. Now we are presenting a possibility to choose the default emitter domain for Live Preview. In User Preferences section under the Settings tab, you will be able to set the preferred default emitter domain.

Please remember that changes in emitter domain require also changes in placement codes, according to settings for the given publisher. For more details, please contact your local Technical Support.

SDK Swipe template

Swipe template will now be available in SDK version. The template will work the same way as the standard template, which you can check on AdOcean demo page.

API changes

Please find below a list of changes in the API commands:

  • UpdateCreative – new parameter templateID
  • GetNetshareReport command will be removed
  • GetCampaignInfopdfReportLink element will be removed from the response