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Release: 23-10-2019

List of new features and major fixes for this release:
  • Private/Direct Deals in Prebid template
  • New template - Video responsive footer
  • New "breakType" parameter in video_vmap placement profile

Private/Direct Deals in Prebid template

We have prepared a new version of Prebid template and prebid_gao_lib.js library, which allow to use Private/Direct Deals. To use this option you need to set Custom deals parameter:

  • bidderCode:ID - allows only bid offer with specific ID and specific vendor,
  • ID - allows only bid offers with specific ID from many vendors,
  • any - accepts all bid offers which have deal ID parameter.

If you allow all bid offers that contain ID (regardless of its value), set "any". In case you have the deal ID from one of the vendors, you should set this ID or vendor's ID (bidderCode) together with the deal ID.

There is a possibility to use multiple IDs. The first ID on the list has the highest priority, so each subsequent ID has lower priority than the previous one. Custom deal IDs should be separated by commas. If you decide to set bidderCode:ID, ID and any in one creative:

  • if one of the bid offers contains the specified bidderCode:ID, it wins,
  • otherwise, if some of bid offers contain the specified ID, one of them wins,
  • otherwise, one of bid offers which contains deal ID wins.

In case none of bid offers contain specified Custom deal ID, the best price from the auction wins.

New template - Video responsive footer

This week we present a new version of the Responsive footer billboard template that allows you to display video ads. Video responsive footer template gives you a possibility to define general parameters like width, height of video creative and its responsiveness. You can also define header parameters like header text, header logo and much more.

An example of such a creative is present on this page.

New "breakType" parameter in video_vmap placement profile

New "breakType" parameter in video_vmap placement profile gives you a possibility to identify whether the placement allows “linear”, “nonlinear” or “display” ads.

  • Linear ads: Videos that appear before (pre-roll), after (post-roll), or during a break in video content (mid-roll).
  • Non-linear ads: Display ads or videos that appear during video content playback, without disrupting playback.
  • Display ads: Display break types map to VAST companion ads, which can be displayed on the page around the video player.
    • The "linear" type is set by default, but you can change it the way you want. More than one type is allowed. Thanks to this parameter only intended ad types are accepted and you can optimize video content playback dependent on the ad types being displayed.