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Release: 16-01-2019

List of new features and major fixes for this release:
  • New filter in Collision Interface
  • Searchable Advertiser field
  • Curtain template
  • Changes in PeelOff template

New filter in Collision Interface

Now you can use filters in the Collision Interface. Filters will work the same as in AdOcean interface.

Searchable Advertiser field

In campaign edition mode there will be a possibility to search Advertiser/Agency by typing. If Advertiser is a part of Agency both users will be visible in search result. Agency name will be bolded.

Curtain template

We are presenting a new Curtain template. In creatives you can add one or two pictures as curtain. Main picture can be revealed after click or hover container. Curtain will spread horizontal or vertical - depending on creative settings in the interface.

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Changes in PeelOff template

We added a possibility to set custom picture as a teaser.