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Release: 07-11-2018

List of new features and major fixes for this release:
  • Categories blacklist in AdOcean SSP
  • New template - Multimedia screening
  • Bubble template - new parameter
  • Update in rate card price values

Categories blacklist in AdOcean SSP

We introduce the possibility to blacklist advertisement categories in AdOcean SSP. As other types of blacklisting, categories blacklist is available in the Placement settings tab in the Programmatic main menu.

Categories blacklist can be defined for the whole account or for each placement separately. Settings are hereditary, which means that all settings for a node are inherited by its subnodes (descendants). On the screenshot above you can see that the selected placement, Placement_1, inherits settings from its parent, Node_1. As a result, categories: Celebrity Fan/Gossip and Humor will be blocked both on Node_1 and Placement_1. Additional settings that have been added, that is the blacklist for categories: Video & Computer Games and International News, will be taken into account only on Placement_1.

New template - Multimedia screening

Multimedia screening template consists of several elements:

  • top banner
  • video displayed on the top banner
  • two skyscrapers

After mouse hover on video, the counter appears and video can expand and cover the page content. What's more, skyscrapers stick to the page when it's scrolled down.

Bubble template - new parameter

We present new parameter in the Bubble template:

  • Visible part [% of Size] - allows to set a percentage of the bubble surface that will be visible. By default it's set to 75%.

Update in rate card price values

When defining a rate card price in the campaign or order properties, you will now be able to provide values with accuracy to two decimal places. So far, only integer values where accepted.