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Release: 29-08-2018

List of new features and major fixes for this release:
  • Tracking scripts for Publishers
  • New template - Media room

Tracking Scripts for Publishers

Tracking scripts are now available for Publishers with trafficking access enabled on their accounts. This means, that such accounts can now not only set their own campaigns, but also download appropriate tracking scripts. Thanks to them publishers will have a possibility to measure specific ad formats that can not be tracked by AO placement codes, e.g. mailings.

Tracking scripts tab is available under the Statistic tab inside campaign settings. When enabled it gives full access to the campaign Tracking scripts, like setting the protocol and script type for whole campaign or a specific placement.

To activate Tracking scripts for Publishers please contact with your local technical support.

New template - Media room

This week we also give you a new ad format which looks like a banner with a carousel of boxes inside, that will allow to change your advertisement into moving gallery.

Media Room template will allow to set up to twelve elements (images or videos) swinging on a carousel on a background of your choice. The user will have a possibility to browse the gallery by clicking on the arrows or dragging whole panel around. Check it out for whole possibilities it gives.