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Release: 11-04-2018

List of new features and major fixes for this release:
  • Prebid global template
  • New version of RTB/SSP templates

Prebid global template

We introduce a new global template called "Prebid". Template is based on prebid.js library and can be used as a substitute to the Header Bidding. Prebid gives you the possibility to run a prebid.js auction, without changing placement codes embedded on publisher's pages. It can be used in both mode:old and mode:new.

There are around 100 SSP partners integrated with prebid.js library, so template has a new way of defining SSP partners. In section "Selected bidders" you need to type names of the SSP partners which you want to use in the auction.

Then a list of available SSP partners will be visible.

When you choose one of them, creative parameters window will be expanded and you will have a possibility to add necessary SSP parameters.

Prebid template has obligatory parameters like width and height. Bidder timeout parameter is also obligatory, but has a default value: 500 [ms], which can be changed by the user.


Statistics for Prebid template will be available inside campaigns with creatives based on this template and presented under RTB section.

New version of RTB/SSP templates

New versions of RTB/SSP Template and RTB/SSP Template(PL) will also present a modified way of configuring external providers. Instead of a full list of partners, we've created a section named "Selected external providers". When you start typing a name, the list of available providers will be presented. When you choose one of them, you can configure parameters for the selected partner.