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Release: 10-01-2018

List of new features for this release:
  • New possibilities in behavioral targeting - integration with Cloud Technologies
  • Scanner template now disabled
  • Deletion of Takeover Video HTML5 template libary

New possibilities in behavioral targeting - integration with Cloud Technologies

This week we would like to present you with the latest news regarding behavioral targeting in AdOcean – from now on the system will offer the possibility to display campaigns according to target groups from Cloud Technologies.
This means that you will be able to tailor a campaign to your target users, based on interests or socio-demographic features.

Please be informed that this option is paid and available only upon prior agreement. For further information please contact your local Gemius office.

Targeting with Cloud Technologies groups is available as an option in Behavioral targeting.
An expression is built the same way as in case of defining another behavioral targeting - you select desired target groups and join it with logical operators.

Please note that:
  • this type of targeting can be added only to an existing order, it is not possible to add such targeting as an independent one
  • you can add only one paid targeting (with Cloud Technologies or Prism groups) to an order
  • it is not possible to edit paid targeting, you can only delete it and add another one with changes

  • In the Targeting report section in the Reports tab you can check the amount due for payment for targeting. You will find there information about the number of impressions made with the selected targeting option and its cost.

    Scanner template now disabled

    We would also like to inform you that starting from this deployment the Scanner template will no longer be supported. The template library will be removed on January 31. We kindly ask you to use the Scanner [custom] template instead.

    Deletion of Takeover Video HTML5 template libary

    As of 6.12.2107, the Takeover Video HTML5 template is no longer available. The library of this template will be active until 10 January 2018, and as a result, all creatives based on this template will stop working after this date.