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Release: 30-08-2017

List of new features for this release:
  • Google AMP placement codes
  • New ad formats
  • Changes in ad formats

Google AMP placement codes

From now there is a possibility to use AdOcean placement codes on AMP compliant websites.

You can find appropriate placement code in the "Google AMP" tab of placement codes view. You need to define dimensions of container so that ads will be scaled to this format.

AMP placements codes can be used only on AMP compliant pages. To make it work you need to add an appropriate library from AMP project page. Separate ado.js script on page is not required.

AMP codes are available only for regular placements.

In future there are plans to implement it on master-slave codes.

New ad formats


This new ad format allows to present up to five different images that can be swiped automatically one after another, changed manually by the user with the use of defined arrows or by dragging the image with the mouse cursor.

Changes in ad formats

We will introduce a new group of parameters: Custom target URLs, which allows to set separate target URLs for each element in existing ad formats:

  • Cube 3D
  • 3D Box
  • Carousel
  • Video background pushdown

Clicks statistic shows the total number of clicks, no matter of the clicked element.