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Release: 19-07-2017

List of new features for this release:
  • New ad formats
  • Changes in ad formats

New ad formats

Scanner [custom]

This format is an upgraded version of the Scanner ad template available in the AdOcean interface. Apart from the possibilities offered by the old template, this new ad format gives the possibility to add an HTML5 file as a main image and will allow users to use any possible shape to reveal hidden image. Scanner [custom] ad template will also be fully responsive and will be suitable to be used in mobile campaigns.

Scanner ad format will be disabled for some time starting from now.

Toplayer reveal

In this ad format, when the user clicks on a banner placed on the website, a toplayer image is displayed.

VAST 3 Linear

New VAST Linear template with Skip offset parameter. It will make it possible to set the time after which the advertisement can be skipped. It will work only if a given video player supports such an option.

Changes in ad formats

We will also introduce a few changes in existing ad formats:


  • new parameter - Reveal on mouse move. When marked, the bottom image will be revealed on the mouse move, without clicking on the creative. It will work only when displayed on PCs.


  • new field - Extra HTML code