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Release: 11-05-2016

List of new features for this release:
  • Ads in Instant Articles on Facebook - iframe codes
  • Changes in API for Iframe codes

Ads in Instant Articles on Facebook - iframe codes

We are very glad to introduce a new type of placement codes called IFRAME.
We developed it with the intention to give you the possibility for ads served by AdOcean to be displayed in Instant Articles on Facebook .

Iframe codes are available only the standard type of placement, not for the master-slave type.
In the window with placement code, a new tab has been added from which iframe code can be downloaded. Iframe code can also be sent directly to an e-mail address (send placement code option).
In the case of iframe code, it is possible to define height and weight of ads. These two values are taken from the placement type (if defined). If they are not determined for the placement type, value in the weight and height field will be set to “100%”. You can also define value for this field manually.

Figure: Window with placement code

It needs to be remembered that when using iframe codes it is not possibile to use layer, expand or push type creatives. Iframe code are available only in the new version of the AdOcean interface.

Additionally, we would like to inform you that we extend the time support is available for the current version of the following commands (changes described below): GetPlacementCode, GetPlacementCodes, GetMasterCode, GetRetargetingCodes and SendRetargetingCodes. From 11.06.2016, only the new version will be supported.

Changes in API for Iframe codes

We are currently working on ad serving possibilities in Instant Articles on Facebook. For this reason, the following changes will be made in AdOcean API:

  • for commands GetPlacementCode, GetPlacementCodes and GetMasterCode, the parameter "version" will have another value (change of name):
    • "standard" in place of „new”
    • „externalAdServer" in place of „old”
  • for commands GetPlacementCode, GetPlacementCodes will be a new value “iframe” available for the parameter “version”
  • for commands GetRetargetingCodes and SendRetargetingCodes:
    • parameters „activationversion” and “deactivationversion” will have another value (change of name):
      • "standard" in place of „new”
      • „externalAdServer" in place of „old”
    • new value “iframe” for parameters activationversion and deactivationversion
This change will not be backward compatible.