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Release: 20-01-2016

List of new features for this release:
  • templates for SDK with HTML5 technology support
  • update of GemiusSDK for Android and iOS

Templates for SDK with HTML5 technology support

We are introducing 2 new templates for GemiusSDK that support HTML5 technology. These are:

  • Billboard/rectangle
  • Interstitial

We are also introducing changes in Technical Specification regarding creatives using HTML5 technology. Information about compliance with the MRAID standard has been added. The document is available on demand.

Upgrade of GemiusSDK

The new version of GemiusSDK will support templates in HTLM5 technology. Additionally:

  • for method setNumericalVariables, there will be a change of type: Integer to Long
  • for iOS, we have fixed a bug related to the status bar of a banner
All changes in the new version of GemiusSDK are backward compatible.
The documentation for Android remains the same, and for iOS the changes are very small. All materials are available on demand. .