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Release: 13-01-2016

List of new features for this release:
  • changes in OS+Browser targeting
  • changes in cluster targeting
  • update of GemiusSDK for Android and iOS

Changes in OS+Browser targeting

For OS+Browser targeting and OS+Browser mobile targeting we have updated the list of available browsers and operating systems. We have added new versions of the most popular OS and Browsers and deleted old and unused versions. Already defined targetings to old browsers or systems that are already defined remain unchanged.

Also, an additional parameter onlyVisible (Y/N) has been added in API Commands GetBrowserSetsLists and GetSystemSetsLists). The commands return sets limited to sets visible in the AO interface by default.

Figure: OS+Browser targeting

Figure: OS+Browser mobile targeting

Changes in cluster targeting

Cluster targeting is basic version of behavioral targeting. Currently we are working on expanding the possibilities of this kind of targeting. For this reason, we have renamed cluster targeting to behavioral targeting in interface and we have introduced small changes in API AdOcean:

  • in commands GetTargettingInfo and GetTargettingsList:
    • value 'CLUSTER' of the result field 'type' has been changed to 'BEHAVIORAL'
    • the result field 'expression' for 'BEHAVIORAL' targetings has been replaced with 'expression_json'. The new field has a different format (json instead of human-readeble string). Also cluster variable names and cluster variable value names used in the expressions will now always be actual (until now they were frozen in the moment of the creation of targeting)
  • for commands AddTargetting and UpdateTargetting – we have added possibility of creating and modifying targetings of the 'BEHAVIORAL’ type
  • in the GetTargettingTypesList command the 'CLUSTER' type changed to 'BEHAVIORAL' in the result of API

Update of GemiusSDK for Android and iOS

The set of functionalities for AdOcean are not changed. Only a small update has been made to storing cookie by SDK. The updated documentation, library .jar, and example of uses are available on demand.