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Release: 17-10-2012

List of new features and major fixes for this release:
  • AdOcean API update
  • AddSpace update

AdOcean API update

Some AdOcean API operations are going to be changed on 17th October. These changes are as follows:

GetPlacementProfilesList operation:

  • new functionalType column in output [NULL|video]
  • showparameters=Y setting now displays a list of profile-specific parameters

GetPlacementsList operation:

  • new detailsLevel parameter [basic|full|extended]
  • showDetails in GetPlacementsList is deprecated (use detailsLevel=extended instead of showDetails=Y)

GetCampaignInfo operation:

  • removed brackets from impressionLimits field

GetOrderInfo and GetSurroundInfo operations:

  • added impressionlimits and cappings fields (cappings are empty for now)

AddCampaign, AddOrder, AddSurround and UpdateCampaign, UpdateOrder, UpdateSurround operations:

  • added impressionLimits parameter

New operation: GetLimitStatNamesList

AddSpace update

AddSpace now supports additional parameters for video placements:

  • max_creatives_in_block
  • default_block_duration

Please check your internal tools that make use of these AO API operations and make necessary modifications to them accordingly. If you have any questions, please contact your local Tech Support.