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Release: 08-08-2012

List of new features and major fixes for this release:
  • Plans and limits based on expansions;
  • Additional information about campaign filter in period reports;
  • Creative self-exclusion default state;
  • Targetings parameters preview in lists (customized and cluster);
  • Custom order priorities;
  • Exclusive campaigns conflict detection.

Plans and limits based on expansions

We have enabled our users to plan and limit their campaigns and orders based on a new indicator - expansions.

Figure 1: Planning by expansions

Figure 2: Limits based on expansions

Thanks to this development new sales models are now available. Among others this feature enables users to plan (and sell) in-text campaigns based on the number of in-text balloon appearances which are counted using expansion statistics by our system.

Additional information about campaign filter in period reports

A new informational icon was added in the periodic report section settings view.

Figure 3: Information about campaign filter

It contains the explanation of how to include campaigns with specific name patterns only in the report, by using asterisk (*) in the campaign name:

campaign_name - in the report you will find only campaigns with the "campaign_name" name 

campaign_name* - in the report you will find only campaigns with names starting with 
"campaign_name" string 

*campaign_name - in the report you will find only campaigns with names ending with 
"campaign_name" string 

*campaign_name* - in the report you will find only campaigns with name containing 
"campaign_name" string

With this functionality you can prepare reports about a selected range of campaigns on your account.

Creative self-exclusion default state

We got signals that most of our users want to control creative self-exclusion default state and by that avoid the need of remembering to set it every time. This setting is now available in the “ACCOUNT SETTINGS” tab.

Figure 4: Self-exclude creatives by default state setting

Custom order priorities

AdOcean will now enable users to set order priorities in a way similar to campaign priorities – using a predefined priority list. Thanks to this development your order priorities should be now more standardized and easier to use.

Figure 5: Order priority predefined list

Targetings parameters preview in lists (customizes and cluster)

Targetings lists will now contain more information thanks to showing parameters of cluster and customized targetings.

Figure 6: Targeting parameters in lists

Exclusive campaigns conflict detection

Now while resuming or ending edition of an exclusive campaign or one of its orders the system will show a conflict prompt only in case when the placements used in the exclusive campaign orders are in conflict (at least one placement is used in other exclusive campaigns order within the same time frame).

The system will check such conflicts when the exclusive campaign or its orders are resumed and while ending the edition of an exclusive campaign, taking in to account only the waiting and current campaigns and orders. This means that the conflict prompt won’t be shown if the same placement is used in an order which has already finished or is suspended. But when such a finished/suspended order gets extended/resumed, the prompt is going to appear again.

The same logic applies to both orders and surrounds.