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Release: 05-12-2012

List of new features and major fixes for this release:
  • New back-end statistics synchronization method

New back-end statistics synchronization method

As part of our continuous efforts to improve AdOcean, we have developed a solution that brings us one step closer to faster campaign activation and even better reliability of the system.

When making changes your campaigns during your daily work, the changes affect both the delivery of creatives on websites and also the statistics section of your campaign (names, connections, assignments and finally statistics). Our new development concerns only the statistic section and lets AdOcean quickly synchronize the presented information with the changed data. Please note that the enhancement introduces new system messages and alerts as well.

In case of newly created campaigns a new type of message might appear:

Figure: Campaign synchronization error message

Figure: Campaign synchronization information message

This may happen while carrying out one of the following activities:

  • Beginning campaign edition;
  • While being outside of campaign editing mode:
  • - activation/deactivation of orders;
  • - activation/deactivation of surrounds;
  • - activation/deactivation of creatives

If this happens, please wait a few moments to let the system fully synchronize then try performing the required action again.