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Release: 04-04-2012

List of new features and major fixes for this release:
  • Logo in PDF reports
  • New user account limit
  • Rate card price
  • Thousand separators
  • Changes in cappings and targetings

Logo in PDF reports

We have added a new option to PDF reports: you may upload your company logo to be included in generated reports.

Figure: Custom logo upload field

New user account limit

There is a new user account limit that can be set for users, who have campaign trafficking right like administrators. The new limit controls whether such user should or should not be able to resume and suspend campaigns. In other words, these users may be able to edit campaigns in any way but cannot change the campaign state, forcing the system to continue or stop the delivery of ads.

Important note: this limit affects only the access right to suspend/resume operations. A trafficking user, who doesn't have the right to initiate these operations is still able to activate changes in campaign definition after clicking the End editing button under Campaign Properties!

Rate card price

Rate card price is a new property in campaign and order definition views. As the price of a campaign differ significantly from 'official' one because of special discounts, we hope this additional piece of information will prove useful for you when checking cost-related information of your campaigns in AdOcean.

Figure: Rate card price in Campaign Properties

Figure: Rate card price in Order Properties

The rate card price can only be set in the same currency as the default order cost. More importantly, this is only an informational campaign property, it isn't used in any way in cost statistics calculation. The rate card price is visible in campaign statistics in the campaign/order cost tables:

Figure: Rate card price in Statistics

Thousand separators in Statistics

Thousands separators are going to be used from now on in Statistics view of campaigns (under Administration tab) and also in Order Properties.

Figure: Thousand separators in Statistics

Changes in cappings and targetings

We are removing the possibility of adding new domain-based targeting and questionnaire capping. The reason for this is that the same results can be obtained by using provider (ISP) targeting and retargeting respectively. Every previously set domain targeting and questionnaire capping remains visible in AdOcean interface (in targeting/capping lists and order properties) for 1 month only. If you would like to change or keep visible such targeting/capping in your campaigns, please replace them by provider (ISP) targeting or retargeting during next month.